My name is Felix Prater

I am a Human, and i am 23 years old.

My artistic practice is a multidisciplinary inquiry into our relationship with ourselves, to the space we inhabit and towards other species.

From multiple angles i am trying to answer the question;

How can art be used to broaden our empathy towards humans, other species and to create a less wasteful, humanly centred culture?

There is not one answer or solution to this question.

And there is not one form of art that is sufficient.

I am currently driven by my ideas. The form i choose to work within is the form that will best execute the idea.

This means i am usually working within several mediums simultaneously.

I don’t consider myself definable as artist by any specialist craft or medium.

If i had to define myself as an artist, i would broadly consider myself to be a Deep Ecological Artist.

Within my practice i am trying to provide a visible platform for the existences of other species. Providing a platform for the public to engage and to acknowledge the other existences that inhabit the earth.

By visually documenting my own experiences living as other animals i am able to offer people the opportunity to see life from that animals perspective. In the same manner that Charles Foster’s autobiographical accounts of living as other species provides the readers of “Being a Beast” with the opportunity to experience the lives of other creatures. I am using the lens to let others see what i saw whilst i was living as a different species.

My artistic practice is highly influenced and dependant upon the natural sciences. Scientific studies on animal behaviour and physiology provide the subject matter for a large proportion of my work. i use my art as a platform to present scientific data in ways that are more emotionally engaging and visually memorable